Who We Are

Karma Refunds helps businesses
that qualify for ERC, get the
largest refunds...

Our Mission

To help as many businesses as possible,
get the largest ERC Refunds they Qualify for..
And to make it so easy

The Situation

On the One Hand

Most tax professionals don’t have the time, staffing or in-depth knowledge to properly prepare ERC Refund claims for all their eligible clients

On the Other Hand

ERC Mills and Promoters are exploiting unsuspecting businesses by preparing and submitting unqualified, over-claimed ERC refunds

IRS Warns Businesses filing ERC

‘ERC Mills’ and Popup shops are rubberstamping unqualified, unsubstantiated, ERC Refund claims that businesses are not entitled to receive

Read the first warning HERE and the second warning HERE

Our Client Manifesto

ERC Refunds Only on monies that Qualify,
but ERC Refunds on All monies that Qualify

The Karma Refunds Advantage

Karma Refunds is here to be in service. We provide ERC expertise and proper claim vetting to ensure your Refunds are qualified and fully substantiated.

With a complex tax credit, that often pays hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that the IRS may audit years from now, who you work with matters a great deal.

All ERC firms are most definitely, not the same.

Only Fully Substantiated Claims

We only allow fully substantiated ERC claims to be filed. Which means all our clients’ claims have all the proper documentation to back up the refund in the event of IRS audit.

While only a small percentage of claims will be audited by the IRS, every client’s claim is prepared as if it will. This takes a lot more work, but it is fully worth it for our clients.

That gives our clients peace of mind.

The Karma Refunds Team

Many companies claim to be ERC ‘experts’ but how can you know?

Members of our Claims Processing Team have delivered Continuing Education (CE) Courses on the ERC Program to thousands of other CPAs and tax professionals.

Our CPAs are not only experts, they are the ERC experts to other industry tax professionals.

ERC Advisors

Our Enrollment Team must complete our detailed, world-class training on the ERC Program.

Our ERC Advisors conduct a full ERC Evaluation with businesses in about 15 minutes to determine if they qualify for a refund.

Our ERC Evaluations are 100% Free.  There is no risk, no obligation and no pressure.

Concierge Team

Our Concierge Team is committed to Service Excellence.

After we determine a business qualifies for a refund, our Concierge Team onboards new clients to help gather and upload all required documentation.

They ensure the secure document upload goes smoothly and coordinate all communication to ensure claims are prepared swiftly and accurately.

Claims Processing Team

We carefully vet and only allow CPAs with the most ERC experience to process our clients’ refund claims.

Our Claims Processing Team have prepared countless claims for companies of all sizes, in all types of industries.

Unlike other ERC firms, we only work with Certified Public Accountants who list their name and credentials on your actual submitted claim forms.

This is important to protect your business.

Group 39389

If you think you don’t qualify for ERC, let us double check.  This is all we do with a team of experts and we only file fully substantiated claims. 

There’s no risk – it costs nothing to find out if you qualify. 

But it could COST YOU A LOT MORE, to not find out.

Amit Raut, CEO of Karma Refunds

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